Description of the plug plant system


  • Easy and economical installation
  • Highly diverse, customisable plant cover
  • Greening an unusually shaped roof
  • Landscaping design possible
  Rapid installation 80% cover level Pitch Maintenance
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Planting micro-plugs or plants in small pots

For your green roof projects, as a horticultural company, Vegetal i.D offers the possibility of planting micro-plugs or plants in small pots, grown at its nursery.
 micro mottes iD MOTTE et godets  id godetsi.D. MOTTE micro-plugs are young sedum and perennial plants grown in compartmentalised growing trays and acclimated to living conditions on a roof. The varieties of plant selected depend on the technical constraints of the project and on the choice of Vegetal i.D.® cover.

i.D. GODET potted plants are young perennial plants and bushy plants grown in bigger containers than the micro-plug plants (capacity of 0.2 to 3 litres) and selected for their resistance on roofs. They provide a richer and more diverse plant cover than the micro-plugs.
Depending on the desired appearance, Vegetal i.D. recommends planting 15 to 20 micro-plugs / m² or 4 to 12 potted plants / m². The total time period before obtaining full cover on the roof is generally 12 to 24 months.

Type of
(per m2)

of plants

plant cover


1,5 to 4

3 to 5

15 to 20


12 to  24 month


6 to 12

6 to 10

4 to 12

More varied

12 to 24 month

Comparison of vegetating systems involving planting

Landscaping design possible

Multilayer vegetating solutions involving planting are particularly well suited to projects for green roofs where a landscaped design requires the plants to be distributed in a particular manner (creation of "islands"). In order to create the effect of differing height and to vary colours, it is possible to alternate the planting of micro-plug plants (or potted plants) of sedums with those of other perennials.

Growing medium suitable for the project

The composition of the growing medium is specially adapted to the vegetating technique involving planting out and the plant cover selected. The thickness of the growing medium in the planting system will depend on the type of plant cover chosen, the drainage layer and the technical constraints characteristic of the project (aspect and exposure of the roof, maximum load supported by the load-bearing component).

coupe-type-plantation motte-uk

Easy to install

The technique of greening by means of planting is economic and simple to use: the young plants are replanted in the growing medium.

Regular maintenance essential

The success of a green roof involving planting out essentially depends on the care given to the plants during the period when they take root in the growing medium (12 to 24 months). Regular watering (especially during the first few weeks) can prevent the young plants from drying out. You are strongly recommended to draw up a formal contract for maintenance with a specialist company, as soon as you accept the project. The Vegetal i.D. installation team can help you with your project, from installation to the routine maintenance of your plants.

It is essential to have a water connection on the roof when installing a vegetated system involving planting out.


The plug plant technique is used more for small to medium-sized projects, and/or for projects where the landscaped design requires the plants be distributed in a particular manner (creation of "islands").

  • On flat roofs or those with gentle pitches (less than 10%)
  • Small to medium-sized surface areas
  • Landscaped design with different types of plant depending on the space available

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