Green urban landscape


Vegetal i.D. produces and designs green solutions for urban landscape : roundabout, roadsides, tramway railways, etc. With Vegetal i.D.® vegetating solutions for urban landscape, Nature is bringing back to the City!

Urban development priorities for developed areas primarily aim to improve the surroundings of those who live there and provide infiltration paths for rainwater. They are increasingly involved in a context of sustainable development with the objective of incorporating aspects of environmental functions in urban projects.

Why should you choose Vegetal i.D.® development solutions?

  • a Vegetal i.D. solution for every project!
  • End-to-end vegetating solution (study, installation, maintenance, all carried out by Vegetal i.D.)
  • Ecological and sustainable management: less maintenance and irrigation;

Green systems for roadways

Green systems for roadways
With Vegetal i.D.® solutions for road edging and swales, Nature is back to the city! Too frequently...

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adivet association des toitures végétalesGreen Roofs for healthy city associationPole Dream, Pole de compétitivité eaux et milieux - région Centre

VEGETAL i.D. designs and produces innovative,useful green solutions that integrate into urban andsuburban environments to make cities more pleasant,environmentally sound and smarter places to live.

A bespoke VEGETAL i.D solution exists for each urban greening project : flat or sloped roofs, biodiverse or biosolar roofs , urban farming , indoor or outdoor living walls , podium decks design with integrated sotrmwater management

Contact VEGETAL i.D engineering board to help you design your project

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