Assistance and maintenance

The Vegetal i.D. teams specialise in plants as well as the production of the green roof tray (HYDROPACK®)  and the sedum mat (i.D. MAT). They are also adept in the techniques involved in waterproofing a rooftop, Vegetal i.D.'s experts transfer their knowledge to the roofs to give you assistance at all stages of the green roof project:

  • Installing all the vegetation solutions (trays, sedum mats, planting plug-plants, sowing fragments, hydroseeding)
  • Selecting the irrigation system (if required).
  • Maintaining your green roof.

Controlled Implementation for Sustainable Results!


    Compliance with Standards and Professional Regulations

  • Comply with French Professionnal Building regulations  
  • Safety regulations for height work

Optimised Implementation Thanks to A to Z Project Management

In order to facilitate and optimise project organisation and implementation, the Vegetal i.D. Production and Logistics services go into action to guide your project: prior to the installation, advanced planning of project design and green roof solution selection.

Having installed thousands of projects backed by 20 years of experience, the Vegetal i.D. teams are experts at installing Vegetal i.D.® living systems: they will advise you in planting solution selection, the most suitable plant cover, optimum periods for planting etc. taking into account the specific technical constraints associated with your project.


Maintenance Adapted for Sustainable Systems!

Extensive and semi-intensive green roofs require limited but essential maintenance to ensure that the plants create a lasting ecosystem. You are strongly recommended to formalise the maintenance plan in a contract with a specialist company, as soon as you receive the project.

Maintenance operations differ according to the vegetation technique used.

Green roof Maintenance

With thousands of green roof systems installed worldwide, Vegetal i.D. has designed a system that is beautiful, functional, and easy to maintain. Our experts will create a maintenance guide that is specific to your project's constraints.


Do you have an urban vegetation or green roof project? Do you want to call upon the services of an expert in green roofs? Fill out the online contact form and Vegetal i.D. will contact you shortly.

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VEGETAL i.D. designs and produces innovative,useful green solutions that integrate into urban andsuburban environments to make cities more pleasant,environmentally sound and smarter places to live.

A bespoke VEGETAL i.D solution exists for each urban greening project : flat or sloped roofs, biodiverse or biosolar roofs , urban farming , indoor or outdoor living walls , podium decks design with integrated sotrmwater management

Contact VEGETAL i.D engineering board to help you design your project

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