HYDROPACK® green roof tray

hydropack-sedum-web-ukDesigned and developed by Vegetal i.D., the HYDROPACK® green roof tray is the only green roof pre-planted module including all the essential components for a successful green roof! With its permanent water reservoir, HYDROPACK® is suitable for flat green roofs and steep pitched green roofs.

Why choose the HYDROPACK® green roof tray?

  • the only "all-in-one" green roof tray containing all the layers of a multilayer green roof system in accordance with professional regulations
  • designed for both flat roofs and steep pitched roofs (up to 200%)
  • fully covered the day of installation
  • includes a permanent water reservoir to regulate rainwater
  • 2 plant covers available
  • quick and easy to install thanks to its innovative hooking system
  • much lighter than other modular extensive systems
  • short lead time (only 10 days)
  • very little annual maintenance 

HYDROPACK® is an innovative green roof system with a permanent…
HYDROPACK® is quick and easy to install…
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As a green roof expert, Vegetal i.D. is a member of the following organisations:

adivet association des toitures végétalesGreen Roofs for healthy city associationPole Dream, Pole de compétitivité eaux et milieux - région Centre


Are you looking for a company to provide, install or maintain a green roof ? As a green roof expert, Vegetal i.D. manufactures and supplies green roof systems. There is a green solution for all your projects: flat roofs, very steeply sloping roofs or green urban landscapes.
Vegetal i.D. green roof systems are :
HYDROPACK® (the all-in-one green roof tray),  i.D. MAT (the plant mat), and STOCK&FLOW® (the green roof and stormwater solution).

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