Engineered Substrate Manufacturing

The growing media is an essential component of a green roof system.  As its composition is complex, technical skills and experience are required for obtaining a good quality substrate.


Technical expertise of manufacturing growing media 

substrat-LePrieureFor over 15 years, Vegetal i.D. and its technical partners, have been developing an innovative range of growing medium: the i.D. FLORE substrates. Suitable for different types of vegetation (sedums, aromatic, perennials plants, etc.), the i.D. FLORE range is specific to the difficult rooftop environment (climate, pitch, exposure, admissible overload, etc.). Vegetal i.D. selects stable organic and mineral components for a high quality system with controlled properties. With recurring laboratory tests, Vegetal i.D. can certify an homogeneous quality of its substrate. i.D. FLORE substrate range meets an exceptionally high quality standard : it complies with the FLL German standards, which are the most demanding in the green roof field.

Logistics control

sac-substratSpecifically adapted for extensive or semi-intensive green roof complexes, the i.D. FLORE growing medium are made on Vegetal i.D.'s own ultra-modern mixing line. Implementing the i.D. FLORE range has been facilitated by the variety of pack sizes available: loose, big bags or silo truck loads. With Vegetal i.D., you can have the right packaging for your project!


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As a green roof expert, Vegetal i.D. is a member of the following organisations:

adivet association des toitures végétalesGreen Roofs for healthy city associationPole Dream, Pole de compétitivité eaux et milieux - région Centre


Are you looking for a company to provide, install or maintain a green roof ? As a green roof expert, Vegetal i.D. manufactures and supplies green roof systems. There is a green solution for all your projects: flat roofs, very steeply sloping roofs or green urban landscapes.
Vegetal i.D. green roof systems are :
HYDROPACK® (the all-in-one green roof tray),  i.D. MAT (the plant mat), and STOCK&FLOW® (the green roof and stormwater solution).

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