Green roof for pitched and steep roofs

Réalisation de toiture végétale en forte pente avec la solution de végétalisation multicouche avec Tapis i.D MAT

With Vegetal i.D.® planting solutions for steep roofs, Nature gains ground!

Why choose Vegetal i.D.® planting solutions for steep roofs?

  • The solutions are guaranteed by a technical inspection service and approved in a Specification for Installation Instructions for pitches of up to 200% 
  • Customised solutions for pitches of up to 200% and even vertical walls
  • Suitable solutions for all shapes of roofs
  • Integral irrigation system
  • Use of durable metals resistant to corrosion
  • Limited maintenance

The Vegetal i.D. team of engineers has developed two planting procedures for dealing with sloping roofs (from 20 to 200%): the solution for greening steep pitches with HYDROPACK® pre-planted trays and the MULTICOUCHES with i.D. MAT mat solution for greening steep pitches.

These innovative technical solutions are approved by a Specification for Installation Instructions and meet the requirements of Professional Regulations. To cope with the problems caused by erosion and slippage associated with the pitch, each planting process is complemented by a suitable retention system: ACROPACK® retention for HYDROPACK® pre-planted trays and MULTIFIX anti-slip and anti-erosion device for MULTICOUCHE Vegetal i.D.® systems.


The planting solutions for roofs described as being "steeply sloped"…
HYDROPACK® is suitable for very steep roofs (up to 200%)
Particularly well-suited to non-standard projects. Wide range of plants.
Find out about the slope green roofs we have produced…

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As a green roof expert, Vegetal i.D. is a member of the following organisations:

adivet association des toitures végétalesGreen Roofs for healthy city associationPole Dream, Pole de compétitivité eaux et milieux - région Centre


Are you looking for a company to provide, install or maintain a green roof ? As a green roof expert, Vegetal i.D. manufactures and supplies green roof systems. There is a green solution for all your projects: flat roofs, very steeply sloping roofs or green urban landscapes.
Vegetal i.D. green roof systems are :
HYDROPACK® (the all-in-one green roof tray),  i.D. MAT (the plant mat), and STOCK&FLOW® (the green roof and stormwater solution).

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