Horticultural Production


As a horticultural producer, Vegetal i.D. owns the largest French nursery (and one of the largest in Europe) specialising in growing plants specifically for green roofs; sedums, perennials and shrubs are grown throughout the year. After almost 20 years, Vegetal i.D. has developed a system of high-quality mechanised production, able to provide a very flexible response to demand which fluctuates considerably throughout the season while maintaining a consistent and high quality product.

Several dozen hectares are devoted to producing systems for vegetating roofs such as: HYDROPACK® all-in-one trays, and i.D MAT pre-vegetated sedum mats, micro plug plants and sedum cuttings.

4techniques vegetalisationVegetal i.D. is a pioneer in the horticulture production field. Production of sedum mats starts in 1993. The  first "all-in-one" pre-grown tray, HYDROPACK®, was developped in 2000. Vegetal i.D. has a dual automatic production line based on industrial principle for HYDROPACK® trays.

A few figures:

  • 30 ha nursery
  • 4 vegetating techniques: pre-planted mat, "all-in-one" container, planting micro-plug plants or plants in small pots and sowing cuttings.

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As a green roof expert, Vegetal i.D. is a member of the following organisations:

adivet association des toitures végétalesGreen Roofs for healthy city associationPole Dream, Pole de compétitivité eaux et milieux - région Centre


Are you looking for a company to provide, install or maintain a green roof ? As a green roof expert, Vegetal i.D. manufactures and supplies green roof systems. There is a green solution for all your projects: flat roofs, very steeply sloping roofs or green urban landscapes.
Vegetal i.D. green roof systems are :
HYDROPACK® (the all-in-one green roof tray),  i.D. MAT (the plant mat), and STOCK&FLOW® (the green roof and stormwater solution).

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