Description of systems for roadside edges

amenagement-urbains-vegetalises-tramwayVegetal i.D.® vegetating solutions for developing roadside edges consist of multilayer vegetating systems specifically adapted to solve the constraints encountered in urban development.



The advantages of Vegetal i.D.® vegetating systems for roadside edges

  • An economic alternative to lawns: no mowing, no additional watering requirements
  • Immediate plant cover
  • Several types of plant cover available
  • Very low maintenance

The i.D. MAT vegetated mat

Vegetal i.D.® solutions for inaccessible roadside edges consist of multilayer systems specially adapted for the constraints encountered in urban developments:

  • Very often established on impermeable foundations, these developments must be designed to allow good rainwater drainage.
  • The choice of growing medium is then of great importance as the substrate and drainage are important components.

amenagement-vegetalise-SarcellesRoadside edges are highly visible to residents and users, and sometimes run the risk of being damaged. Levels of cover, the appearance of the plant cover and maintenance are the key points of this type of development. The plant layer of the vegetating system for roadside edges is the i.D. MAT pre-planted sedum mat. It provides immediate plant cover and requires only limited maintenance.


2 ranges of plants available

The i.D. SEDUM plant cover provides an optimum level of cover in return for very limited maintenance. It carpets the ground densely and its colours change throughout the seasons.

With splashes of colour, the i.D. MIX-FLORE provides staggered flowering and creates a raised effect.


i.D. MIX-FLORE roofi.D. SEDUM roof




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