Installation and monitoring of i.D. MAT plant mats

i.D. MAT sedum mats (or sedum and perennial mats) must be rolled out within 24 to 48 hours of being sent to site.

Installation of pre-planted sedum mats

Installing i.D. MAT sedum mats is quick and easy. They can be installed throughout the year, except during frost or when it is extremely hot.

derouler-tapisOnce the drainage layer and the filter have been installed on the roof, the i.D. MAT plant mat can be rolled out "like fitted carpet" over the previously levelled layer of growing medium. i.D. MAT rolls must be laid in a staggered arrangement, uncovered, and pushed together as closely as possible (N.B.: expect the mats to shrink slightly during dry periods).

Avoid disturbing the growing medium on which the roll is to be placed (otherwise air pockets will appear under the plant mat). To achieve this, the recommendation is to walk alongside the rolls already laid, smoothing with the rake one last time just before unrolling the mat.

The i.D. MAT sedum mat may be cut with a sharp knife in order to follow the shape of the roof more closely.

Maintenance during the period of establishing plant growth

The site should be inspected approximately one month after installation to ensure that the vegetation has become well established. The establishment period for a planting system using a pre-planted sedum mat is very short: generally between 3 and 6 months. During this period it is essential to limit water stress that will stop the plants from rooting through the growing medium. Watering the sedum mat (or the sedum and perennial mat) may be necessary in cases of extreme heat.


Réalisation de toiture végétale en tapis de sedum Caulnes

i.D. MAT planting system with a vegetated mat of pre-planted sedum


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