Description of the planting system with the i.D. MAT sedum mat

tapis de sedum ID MatVegetal i.D. is a horticultural company that has been producing pre-planted i.D. MAT sedum mats for over 20 years.

The 3 layers of i.D. MAT

The i.D. MAT plant rolls consist of three layers:

  • The frame made of biodegradable natural fibers lined with a polypropylene net: supplying excellent drainage, it holds the growing medium, giving cohesion and strength to the mat.
  • The growing medium: specifically designed for growing sedums, this combines optimum properties of permeability and water retention.
  • Plants


  Rapid installation 80% cover level Pitch Maintenance
i.D. MAT icone carre vert  icone carre vert immediate up to 100%  Icone entretien


Benefits of multilayer solutions with i.D. MAT 

  • Proven green roof system recognised by the professionals and building actors
  • Immediate plant cover
  • 2 ranges of plants available (sedum mat or sedum and perennial plant mat)
  • For flat and sloping roofs (up to 100%)
  • Quick and easy installation possible throughout the year
  • Low maintenance
green roof the sedum mat

Immediate plant cover

When delivered to site, the level of plant cover of the i.D. MAT plant blanket is already above 80%. The plants have reached a level of maturity and root development facilitating their final rooting in the growing medium of the green roof: renewed growth of the vegetation is therefore optimised.




Several ranges of plants available

coupe-type-tapis-id-mat-ukThe i.D. MAT SEDUM plant mat contains several sedum varieties (sedum sexangulare, album, floriferum, reflexum and lydium, etc.) combining an attractive appearance with strong plant performance under the conditions on the roof. Usually going green from autumn to spring, sedums flower in summer and may turn a reddish colour, varying in intensity depending on the stresses caused by the summer.
The i.D. MAT MIX-FLORE plant mat of sedum and perennials consists of several varieties of sedum (mainly sedum sexangulare, album, floriferum, reflexum and lydium) combined with a selection of perennial species (allium schoenoprasum, thymus serpyllum, dianthus deltoides).


i.D. MAT applications

  • On flat roofs and those with a pitch of up to 100%
  • For extensive landscaping developments (tramway lines, roundabouts, verges, etc)

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VEGETAL i.D. designs and produces innovative,useful green solutions that integrate into urban andsuburban environments to make cities more pleasant,environmentally sound and smarter places to live.

A bespoke VEGETAL i.D solution exists for each urban greening project : flat or sloped roofs, biodiverse or biosolar roofs , urban farming , indoor or outdoor living walls , podium decks design with integrated sotrmwater management

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