Installing and monitoring the HYDROPACK® tray

HYDROPACK® is quick and easy to install! HYDROPACK® trays, which are pre-planted in our nursery, are placed on pallets to make them easier to transport. Special lifting equipment is often required in order to lift the trays onto the roof.

le bac HYDROPACK® posés sur un toit en forte  pente

HYDROPACK® can be installed on flat or sloping roofs

The HYDROPACK® tray can be used to vegetate roof terraces and also steeply sloping roofs up to 200%.


Installation des bacs d’HYDROPACK® sur  l’étanchéité d’une toiture

HYDROPACK® is placed directly on the waterproofing membrane

HYDROPACK® can be installed on any type of waterproofing membrane.






système d’accroche innovant du bac HYDROPACK®

HYDROPACK® trays join together and are removable

An innovative hooking system has been specially designed around the outside of the trays in order to join them together. This makes the green roof more stable against the wind and enables the sharing of nutrients and moisture between individual trays. Thanks to the removable nature of the all-in-one tray, the waterproofing can be inspected at any time.


le bac HYDROPACK® se découpe facilement

HYDROPACK® trays can fit any roof

The vegetated surface follows the contours of the roof thanks to trays that can be cut with an electric angle grinder.






HYDROPACK® can be used without edging

The outer walls of the HYDROPACK® tray, create their own edging which saves project time and costs.





VIDEO: installation of the HYDROPACK® tray on a Verdura roof

Discover how easy it is to install the HYDROPACK® tray with the VERDURA system: only 2 installers are needed!

Vegetal i.D. installation teams are experts at installing the HYDROPACK® system. The system is designed to install much like roof paver systems. This enables HYDROPACK to be installed by nearly any roofing company. A technical assistant is then provided to these types of projects in order to guide the installation and provide the highest quality product possible. Contact us if you would like more information about our installation contracts.

Levage d’une palette d’HYDROPACK® sur le  toit Palettes d’HYDROPACK® sur un toit


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