Features of the HYDROPACK® tray

hydropack-water-evacuation-2 HYDROPACK® has been developed and designed by Vegetal i.D. backed by 20 years of experience green roofs. HYDROPACK® tray is an extensive "all-in-one" green roof system patented and in compliance with professional regulations. The HYDROPACK® tray is a proven green roof system for flat and pitched roofs (up to 200%).


  Rapid installation 80% cover level Pitch Maintenance
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The benefits of the HYDROPACK® module

  • HYDROPACK® is a proven only "all-in-one" green roof tray which contains all the layers of a green roof system, in accordance with professional regulations
  • HYDROPACK® is ideal for flat roofs and very steep roofs (up to 200%)
  • HYDROPACK® has a permanent water reservoir to regulate rain water
  • HYDROPACK® is available in various plant mixes
  • HYDROPACK® is quick and easy to install with its innovative hooking system
  • HYDROPACK® requires very little annual maintenance

HYDROPACK® is a unique green roof system with a water reservoir

The HYDROPACK® module contains all the layers required for a successful green roof system: an extra thick drainage layer, a filter, a layer of growing medium specifically adapted to roofing conditions, plant cover and a permanent water reservoir.
hydropack-en-coupe-longitudinale-simplifiee Longitudinal section of the HYDROPACK® tray


  1. The substrate is protected from pooling water, which can harm plants.
  2. The layer of growing medium is 6 cm thick, protected from pools of water thanks to an extra thick drainage layer, the filter and 3 cm high cells in the base of the tray. The growing medium for the HYDROPACK® tray is produced by Vegetal i.D. and is specifically suited to roofing conditions: it has optimum characteristics of permeability, water retention and durability.
  3. Excess water is drained off
  4. 500 holes / m2 on the bottom of the tray allow excess water to drain from the system, which prevents standing water in the media from choking off the plants’ root systems.
  5. Rainwater is retained
  6. The HYDROPACK® tray has a permanent 8 liter / m2 water reservoir located at the bottom of the tray allowing rainwater falling on the roof to be retained. The water reservoir, which sits below the solid media and filter, holds excess rainwater, which can then be absorbed by the plants.
  7. The water circulates from tray to tray
  8. The water is distributed uniformly over the whole roof by a top-quality drainage system and a unique, patented hooking system, which enables water to circulate from tray to tray.

HYDROPACK® green roof system on very steel roof

HYDROPACK® is suitable for flat roofs and for very steep roofs

Thanks to its natural partitioning system, HYDROPACK® can be installed on roofs with a very steep pitch of up to 200% with suitable tray fastening solutions that have been developed by Vegetal i.D. engineers. The Vegetal i.D.®  steep pitch (up to 200%) solutions are patented and approved by an external technical inspection service.


HYDROPACK®'s immediate plant cover

The HYDROPACK® planting system is produced and assembled by Vegetal i.D.. Pre-planting of trays in the plant nursery takes place between 6 and 8 months before they are distributed to various projects. This means that as soon as the roof is laid it looks beautiful and green because the plants have already been established with a minimum level of plant cover of 80%.

HYDROPACK® is available in several plant ranges

The HYDROPACK® tray is available with 2 kinds of plant cover: i.D. SEDUM and i.D. MIX-FLORE.


i.D. SEDUM plant cover

i.D. MIX-FLORE Aroma plant cover

hydropack-sedum-web-uk HYDROPACK® and plant cover i.D. MIX-FLORE Aroma

Consisting of several varieties of sedum suited to the roof’s location (exposure, aspect), and to the local climate, i.D. SEDUM plant cover provides a high level of ground cover. It requires very little annual maintenance.

i.D. MIX-FLORE Aroma plant cover combines sedums with aromatic, herbaceous and perennial plants. The herbaceous and perennial plants are selected to fit individual projects and are than planted as small plugs throughout the HYDROPACK® trays. The range of plants is wider than for the i.D. SEDUM roof. The flowering periods are longer, varied and staggered throughout the year. This blend generally requires more annual maintenance.


HYDROPACK® is quick and easy to install

The HYDROPACK® tray is placed directly on the waterproofing membrane, or on top of a root barrier fabric; it can be cut to follow the shape of the roof and can be removed (in this way it is easier to replace a tray, or carry out maintenance on the roofing membrane).






VIDEO : installing a HYDROPACK® tray on a Verdura roof

Discover how easy it is to install the HYDROPACK® tray with the VERDURA system: only 2 operations are needed!

Specifications of the HYDROPACK® tray

The HYDROPACK® tray is made of recycled HDPE with a filter in non-woven polyester.

Tray dimensions (cm) 60x40x9
Growing medium thickness (cm) 6
Filter Non-woven polyester 100g /m2
Plant cover i.D. SEDUM (100% sedum)i.D. MIX-FLORE (sedum & perennials)
Permanent water reservoir at the bottom of the tray (l/m2) 8
Growing medium water retention (l/m2) 24
Maximum water retention capacity (l/m2) 32
Holes on the surface (holes /m2) 500
Total drainage surface area (cm2/m2) 318
Dry Tray (kg/m2) 50 (i.e. 12 kg / tray)
Tray saturated with water(kg/m2) 95 (i.e. 23 kg / tray)

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