BIODIVERS'i.D., biodiversity plant cover

Green roofs using the specialised biodiversity range of plants meet various environmental measures implemented in cities. The BIODIVERS'i.D. green roof system is therefore able to enrich the “roof” ecosystem and increase biodiversity in the urban environment. BIODIVERS'i.D. green roofs constitute a green corridor, offering areas favourable to wildlife.


  • Encourages animal biodiversity
  • Natural appearance
  • Low-maintenance




The BIODIVERS'i.D. roof combines xerophytic and melliferous plants selected for their ability to create homes for invertebrates. The technical characteristics of this roof are similar to those of i.D. CREA-PAYSAGE plant cover with the following additional specific aspects:

  • BIODIVERS'i.D. plant cover consists of selected species of melliferous plants and plants whose characteristics attract insects (pollinators and other helpers) and birds.
  • The thickness of the growing medium varies throughout the vegetated surface, providing a variety of environments (different living conditions for flora and fauna).
  • Various elements are distributed over the roof in order to create a multitude of microclimates and special refuges for the survival of numerous species of invertebrates and birds: mineral elements (stones, coarse gravel, tiles, crushed bricks, etc.), wood components (logs, billets, etc.), nest-boxes, troughs filling with water, and insect "hotels".

The BIODIVERS'i.D. roof also consists of wild flowers and grasses which can cope with sunny places and dry ground. It can be established by combining planting techniques involving sedum spreading and by planting plugs or potted plants depending on the species selected (the planting period is limited to spring). BIODIVERS'i.D. thus offers abundant flowering and a variety of aesthetic aspects.
If a significant level of maintenance is accepted, it is possible to add annual plants to the roof. However they will make additional maintenance necessary.
Examples of animal species present on green roofs

Example of plants constituting the BIODIVERS'i.D green roof

 Exemple de plantes composant la palette végétale BIODIVERSiD
Example of plants making up the BIODIVERS'i.D range of plants: 1. Origanum vulgare 2. Lavandula angustifolia 3. Euphorbia myrsinites 4. Nepeta mussinii 5. Stipa tenuifolia 6. Salvia officinalis

BIODIVERS'i.D roof projects produced by Vegetal i.D..


Réalisations de toiture végétale en  couvert BIODIVERSiD
Example of BIODIVERS'i.D. green roofs (initial appearance)


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