Installing and monitoring roofing systems involving plantings

Successful plantings depend on the period when this is carried out as well as the care taken. Consequently having micro-plugs (or potted plants) planted correctly and having the roof maintained properly during the installation phase by a specialist company is strongly recommended. The Vegetal i.D. installation team can help you with your project, from installation to routine maintenance of your plants on the roof.

Plantation de mottes i.D. MOTTE sur une toitureVegetal i.D. recommends planting micro-plugs or potted plants in early spring (March, April) or September. This encourages them to start growing at the same time as sedums which grow very actively during these periods.
Planting micro-plug plants or potted plants is a cheap and simple planting technique to use: once the drainage layer and the filter has been installed on the load-bearing component, simply remove the young plant from the compartmentalized tray (or its container) and replant it in the growing medium.

installation de plaque de micro mottes de sedums iD MOTTE  Aspect esthétique à la pose d'une toiture végétalisée avec la  technique de plantation iD MOTTE Aesthetic appearance, on installation, of a green roof using the i.D. MOTTE planting out techniqueYou are strongly advised to use a positioning grid or canvas so that the micro-plugs are correctly spaced out and distributed over the roof. This planting technique can be completed using the technique of spreading sedum cuttings.
N.B.: Multilayer vegetating solutions involving planting out are not suitable for roofs with a pitch of over 10%.
The total time period before obtaining cover all over the roof varies from 12 to 24 months.Throughout this period regular maintenance is essential (3 to 5 Visits per year). A water supply on the roof is essential.

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