Vegetal i.D.’s history

Vegetal i.D. has been a specialist in green roofs for over 20 years!


Vegetal i.D. began producing laying turf. Almost immediately, the company made several vegetated roofs using pre-planted rolls of turf.


To create a less demanding alternative for water and maintenance, the Vegetal i.D. nursery began to specialise in growing plants suited to the very difficult conditions for surviving on roofs: sedums. Initial production of vegetated sedum mats.


First commercialised production of sedum mats under the "Vegetal i.D." nametapis-idmat


Development of a complete vegetated system consisting of a drainage layer, a layer of growing medium and a layer of vegetation.


Vegetal i.D. develops a range of vertical planting solutions: green walls.


Membership of the french Green Roof Association association : ADIVET 


Invention and patent of the 1st pre-grown vegetated module : HYDROPACK® all-in-one green roof tray with water storage system (patented). Vegetal i.D. won a gold medal for innovation from BATIMAT (largest European building material trade show).
Hydropack-Standard-Mix-V2 WEB


Vegetal i.D. completes its first international green roof project


Obtained the first Technical Evaluation for roof vegetating systems regardless of waterproofing conditions, and whatever the medium (roof with a pitch of under 20%)


Opening of Vegetal i.D Inc.'s North American subsidiary.


Validation of the steep roof systems by an external technical inspection service (20 to 200%)

Launch of the solution for managing rainwater on the green roof; Oasis®

Oasis Vegetalid


LE PRIEURE – VEGETAL i.D acquired Vivers Ter, leading spanish green wall company to reinforce its offer and positionning in the living wall market in Europe logo-vivers-ter-cubiertas-paredes-vegetales



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adivet association des toitures végétalesGreen Roofs for healthy city associationPole Dream, Pole de compétitivité eaux et milieux - région Centre

VEGETAL i.D. designs and produces innovative,useful green solutions that integrate into urban andsuburban environments to make cities more pleasant,environmentally sound and smarter places to live.

A bespoke VEGETAL i.D solution exists for each urban greening project : flat or sloped roofs, biodiverse or biosolar roofs , urban farming , indoor or outdoor living walls , podium decks design with integrated sotrmwater management

Contact VEGETAL i.D engineering board to help you design your project

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