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Vegetal i.D. approach & values


Vegetal i.D. is bringing Nature back to the City!

  1. Vegetal i.D. is dedicated to becoming a major player in the green infrastructure market globally (green roofs, living walls and urban development) with a current priority in Europe and North America.

  2. Vegetal i.D. is devoted to remaining a pioneer in innovation by continuously offering new and innovative solutions in green infrastructure.

  3. Vegetal i.D. is committed to stay an independent company and offers its brand and patented technological solutions to all markets.

  4. Vegetal i.D. develops, sells, and implements comprehensive vegetated solutions that are both high quality and durable in accordance with local regulations.

  5. Vegetal i.D. is committed to the mastering plant production and engineered substrates, and continues to integrate all aspects of urban vegetation (from research, to maintenance of green roofs).

  6. Vegetal i.D. is dedicated to the development of new markets through strong partnerships with specialized research centers, suppliers, and local partners.

  7. Vegetal i.D. makes every possible effort to ensure that their teams and partners work safely with enthusiasm, motivation and integrity.

The Vegetal i.D. teams share a desire to bring Nature back to the city in an eco-friendly manor by creating a green environment in sustainable, social, and economically responsible ways:

  • Using recycled and recyclable products and raw materials
  • Choosing solutions that are efficient in maintenance and irrigation
  • Developing vegetation cover to promote biodiversity and integrate wildlife in the city wherever possible
  • Offering innovative and relevant green infrastructure solutions (biodiversity and management of water resources, etc.)
  • By reintroducing nature to urban environments in order to improve the welfare of people who live there.

All production, design, installation, logistics and sales teams study your project in order to facilitate the establishment of your project and to ensure its success.



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